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Welcome, traveler, to the Unnamed Quest.  Your task is simple.  Explore the different areas of this world.  As you get further along, you will begin to understand what it is you have to do.  I wish you good luck.
The unnamed quest is divided into two seperate riddles:  part A, finding the quest, and and part B, actually going onto it.  The first part is pretty easy, so for people who are more advanced at riddles, I decided to just give the link to the second part right away. 
To start the first riddle, go to the ocean.
To start the second riddle, go to

You get through a region by any means possible.  There will be a plot you follow, which gives many hints on how to solve the area.  There are no source code hints, because the source is too complicated to follow.
PART B has 64 levels.

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